<aside> 💡 Helping small to medium enterprises in Saudi Arabia find the confidence to usher into the eCommerce market


The Project




English Arabic




10 months


Informational Platforn

Business Directory

Updated Design System

My Role

Business Designer

User Experience Designer

Interface Designer

The Facts

Due to the 2020 pandemic, eCommerce sales reached USD69.2 billion in 2022, from USD4.3 billion just 4 years ago.

Ten markets in the region including Saudi Arabia, revealed that up to 40% of respondents are now shopping online more than they were before 2020.

Recent Deloitte report revealed that COVID-19 pandemic will force nearly all business to move towards virtual sales.

Overarching Project Goal

Design and develop NEP web platform after which the source code and design system can be handed to Monsha’at for maintenance and KPI testing.

User Experience Goal

Provide SMEs with information and verified resources in order to kickstart their eCom journey through clear steps that raise the success threshold of launching and maintenance.

The Challenge